Friday, August 27, 2010

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Julie and Mariah
The Baby Elephant...Zuri
Live Bats...EWW
Mariah and I were able to go to Utah's Hogle Zoo with Ping Ping and Wen. They decided that they wanted to be with their group and so we did not get any pictures with them. It was very hot that day but we had a good time.

Skyler's First Concert

Skyler's Skull Candy least it is not permanent

This is what you get when you let your son go to his first concert. Need I say more. He went to see the "OFFSPRING" and "311" at Usana Amphitheater.

West Valley City Cultural Celebration Center

Wen and Ping Ping
My favorite piece of artwork
We visited the West Valley City Cultural Celebration Center. While we were there they filmed the group for a video clip on the Cultural Celebration Centers website. The exhibit they had at the time was all artists from Utah. They had 2 of the artists there and they talked with the students about their work. Next, they went downstairs and learned about different elements in art. They were able to make their own artwork out of styrofoam. Wen made a Converse shoe and Ping Ping made a heart.

Float Preview Party

One of my favorite floats...for obvious reasons
Chinese Dragon Float
Face Painting...Cayden, Ping Ping, Wen, and Mariah

We took Wen and Ping Ping to the Days of 47 Float Preview Party. Their favorite float was the Kentucky Fried Chicken float...go figure. I would have thought the one with the Chinese Dragon or something else. We got our faces painted and had fun voting for our favorites. One of my favorites was the Boy Scouts of America float, it celebrated 100 years of scouting and reminded me of Skyler receiving his Eagle Scout.

Swimming at West Valley Fitness Center

Wen and Ping Ping
Cayden... close up and personal
Cayden, Ping Ping, Wen, and Mariah
Ping Ping and Wen had an excursion swimming at the West Valley Fitness Center. Mariah, Cayden, and I were able to go with them. We had a fun time splashing and playing around on such a hot day.

Youth Conference at Utah State

On July 19th, Skyler and Kaylee left for Youth Conference at Utah State. Skyler was not very happy with me. I took his cell phone before he left. I wanted him to have no distractions so that he could have a better experience and feel the spirit. I hope it worked. When they returned they seemed to have had fun. Skyler came home sporting a new baseball cap with an "A" on it. He says it stands for Anderson. They told me they had the best testimony meeting ever. The young mens president in his testimony told the youth that it doesn't matter how strong you think you are or how tough you think you are... there is no one tougher or stronger than the lord.
His testimony touched many of our youth.

Family BBQ

Cayden rolling on the ginormous ball
Kaylee, Joe's Dad, Valesca
Ping Ping choking Wen
Skyler and Armand... 2 peas in a pod
Joe's Parents... I love this picture

We decided that we wanted our families to meet our foreign exchanges students. So we planned a family BBQ at our house. Most everyone was able to come. We had good food and fun. Afterwards when most everybody had left, Ping Ping decided she would demonstrate some Chinese Kung Fu for us. Don't have any pictures of it because she moved too fast. It was very entertaining. Thanks to all who came.


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